Women’s Empowerment Program


This program was designed based on a field study we did on the situation of widowed women in many countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq, and we found the urgent need for entrepreneurial and psychological care for these women.

The program aims to build the leading personality of the widow, increase her awareness, develop her capacities, activate her role in crisis management and response, contribute to reducing family, social and psychological problems, and qualify the widow for the rehabilitation of other widows.

Program Goals

  1. Strengthening the developmental and leadership role of the widow in the affected communities.
  2. Encourage the widow to participate in the service of the family and society effectively.
  3. Discover and activate the potential of the widow.
  4. To empower the widow’s role as a leader in raising children and building an effective generation to serve the community.
  5. Raising awareness and guidance for widows in the social, economic and health fields associated with coping with various problems.
  6. The importance of achieving balance in all areas of women’s personal, family, social, occupational, health and economic life.
  7. Ensuring the moderation of women’s mental health, ensuring the safety of their decisions and the decisions of their dependents.

Target Groups

  1. Widows.
  2. Supervisors working with widows.
  3. Social researchers.

How will I benefit from this course?

Once the training program has been completed, women will be able to acquire the following skills:

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