Caregivers Training Program


Are you an individual or humanitarian organization? Orphans Care Federation has established this distinguished and first program in the Middle East with the participation of specialists from UNICEF and experts of the humanitarian field to help you raise your capabilities and skills to provide the best care for orphans and their families.

Program Goals

  1. Building and developing the capacity of orphan’s caregivers and empowering them with the necessary skills, knowledge, and trends in line with the needs of orphans' families.
  2. Supporting caregivers (field workers) to acquire the necessary professional ethics and integrity to act in accordance with legitimacy standards and international covenants with orphans and their families.
  3. Helping caregivers to adopt leading change in their organizations to improve the quality of services provided to orphans and their families.
  4. Meeting the needs of societies for qualified professional caregivers who care for orphans and their families.


Target groups

  1. NGOs / foster care / field workers working or caring for widows and orphans.
  2. Caregivers to orphans and their families.
  3. Program/Project managers in organizations working with orphans.
  4. Social researchers and supervisors of the programs and activities for orphans and their families.


How will I benefit from this course?

This program has been designed in response to field needs and requests for assistance from humanitarian organizations. After completing the training course, each participant will be able to acquire various skills and knowledge that achieve the following results:

  1. Families whose members are physically, psychologically, socially, mentally, and spiritually healthy.
  2. Families with a safe, positive, stimulating, and supportive family environment for the growth and development of their members.
  3. Families that can secure their living conditions based on their resources and abilities.


Will I get a certificate at the end?

After the completion of the training program, you can receive an accredited degree from the British Institute of Management and Leadership (ILM).


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