The Conclusion of 4 Training Workshops During the Holy Month of Ramadan

"The success or failure of organizations to achieve their strategic objectives is directly linked to human resources (their employees) and the extent of investment made to these resources"

On Monday, May 10th, 2021, the online training workshops that the Orphans Care Federation provided during Ramadan were concluded, which was implemented during the period from April 19th to May 10th, 2021. These online training workshops covered many important topics, including:

  • Community responsibility: concerted efforts to develop the orphan sector;
    How do we market orphans care projects?
    Humanitarian organizations: their mission in empowering women (Empowerment for change);
    And, Orphans without family care: towards equal opportunities.

These online training workshops aimed to provide an effective mechanism for managing knowledge and sharing theoretical and practical experiences. In these workshops, (693) participants working in humanitarian organizations, academics, and some of them work in the ministries of social affairs have participated, where the audience represented more than (53) countries around the world.

Mr. Fadi Iskandarani, the Chief Executive Officer of the Orphans Care Federation, on his part, stated that the importance of investing in human beings through training and capacity-building events, emphasizing the federation's efforts to improve the humanitarian system by helping humanitarian organizations to build the capacity of their workers, in order to better serve orphans and their families.

As part of the survey's results, the participants expressed their gratefulness to the Orphans Care Federation and speakers for providing such training workshops, which contribute to the development of their work, help them to innovate, and start a new vision in providing care for the orphans and their family. In addition, the participants demanded the need to continue holding more interactive workshops in the upcoming period.

"We hope that such workshops will continue, which have a positive impact on charitable and developmental work"

"We benefited a lot from attending these training workshops, and we ask you to follow up on such programs after Ramadan"

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