The Federation seeks to foster a culture of volunteerism among all segments of the society. It seeks to initiate a range of programs and activities that support educational and practical voluntary initiatives. These initiatives may include participation in the school in cleaning work, other operational activities, and various educational and awareness campaigns outside school, university, etc… such as visiting refugee camps, orphanages, psychosocial support centers, accommodation centers, handicap centers, competitions, and working with charitable organizations to identify their goals and objectives.

It is well known that there is a great interest in volunteering by the educational authorities such as the Ministry of Education in many countries, where students are encouraged by granting them scholarships while volunteering, which gives them positive information about their personalities and behavior.

Silk Road Trips

Trips and field visits are tools of approximation of the truth and an attempt to see the human reality to stand and feel it. The results of the studies have shown that young people who participate in field trips consistently exhibit better attitudes towards the various sciences and issues surrounding them. Some studies suggest that field trips increase young people’s interest in science and various issues and provide useful tools that allow for more positive interaction in different areas of interest. As well as further developing the participation of young people and helping them to develop links between what they heard and what actually happened. Each trip will include many activities, programs and visits aimed at bringing positive ideas and leadership to participants, reflecting positively on humanitarian crises.

Objectives: Building the personality of the working youth and increasing their positive role in humanitarian work. Support and advocate for many humanitarian issues in countries that have experienced crises or natural disasters.

Purpose: A closer approximation to the truth and an attempt to see the human reality of standing and feeling it. Provide opportunities to interact with the humanitarian issues and issues of concern to them. Contribute to alleviating those affected by their participation in some activities.

Beneficiaries: Participants from the youth category. Orphans Care Federation The community in the places of the trips (those with a difficult humanitarian situation). Relevant government agencies in flight locations.

Bosnia Trip
Antakya - Turkey Trip

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