Research Unit

It is a unit specialized in conducting studies and research on orphan affairs and issues, industry, analysis and policy development, and issuing guides specialized in working with orphans.     The unit focuses its tasks on developing the think tank, assessing needs and risks, and mapping problems and objectives.  The Research Unit is a vital partner that works primarily with academic, humanitarian and development institutions to build knowledge and promote best practices in caring for orphans.

The Scientific Conference for Orphans Care

It is a scientific conference convened by an international scientific committee of academics and experts from the Middle East, USA and Europe. Stakeholders, humanitarian organizations, academics and researchers in the field of humanitarian philanthropy, particularly the orphan sector participate in the conference. The conference aims to make a long-term change-making process in the behavior and culture of individuals, communities, organizations, and bodies whether donors or implementers in dealing with the orphans cases through making this conference sustainable and attracting stakeholders concerned with orphans affairs to discuss common issues and promote specialized and varied intervention on a large scale in preparation for setting strategic goals that are capable of developing the orphans care sector as a whole and reaching a universal declaration for a unified orphans care principles.

The Scientific Journal of Orphans Care

It is a periodical peer-reviewed scientific journal, supervised by an international elite of academics and experts in orphan affairs. The journal deals with the humanitarian and social affairs of orphans, careless children and their foster families. The scientific journal aims to attract researchers and academics, enhance their abilities and publish specialized research in the field of orphan care, and targets the journal working in humanitarian organizations and government and private institutions working with orphans. The scientific journal includes various scientific branches, including law, economy, sociology, culture, history of care, literature, educational sciences, education and health, management sciences, organization management, human resources management, development, risk management, disaster, humanitarian work and policy making, which specializing in orphan care.

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