Capacity Building in Humanitarian Work

“We can not create long-term change without strong organizations”

A study in the United States of America reported that capacity-building support is positively linked to the development of financial resources for the non-profit sector, the study showed that each dollar invested in capacity building results in $ 10 in program funding; Therefore, the Federation provided training and capacity-building programs in its services to workers with orphans. Training is the building of managerial capacity and self-development, acquiring new skills and knowledge, and activating memory. It’s done through structured training (courses, workshops, lectures), trips and field visits, learning by practice, direct volunteering and counseling.

Build the leading personality of the widowed women, increase her awareness, develop her capacities, activate her role in crisis management and response, contribute to reducing family...

A distinguished and the first program of it's kind in the Middle East with the participation of specialists from UNICEF and experts of the humanitarian field to help you raise your capabilities and skills.. 

Learn about the concepts and pillars of development and empowerment approaches, their fields, indicators, and practical applications in working with orphans and their families..

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