Orphans Care Federation recently obtained the credentials of two training programs by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). After a review process, examining all materials, policies and procedures related to the program and measuring its suitability in accordance with its accreditation requirements.


  • ü  Program 1: Caring for Orphans Program "Caregiver toolkit – field worker"
  • ü  Programme 2: Women’s Empowerment Program


ILM is one of the UK's leading institutions of qualifications and development of innovative leadership and management skills. The institution founded in 1878 which is considered one of the oldest and largest professional qualification donorsin the UK. Orphans Care Federation has succeeded in obtaining accreditation for its training programmes from the Institute of Leadership and Management, where approval from the Institute means that the programmes have been recognized  assupporting  improved leadership practice and that the content of educational programmes, materials and approaches has been evaluated to be modern, relevant and of high quality that supports and attracts the diverse needs of trainees. The program has come successfully in addition to meeting all the necessary requirements to obtain this qualification.


This achievement will contribute to programme support, internationalization and enhance the vision and mission of Orphans Care Federation in the rehabilitation and empowerment of humanitarian non-governmental charitable organizations to improve the lives of people around the world. Participants in accredited training programmes will receive a range of privileges, including:


  • ü  Certified and free membership certificate by the Institute of Leadership and Management.
  • ü  Access to a range of leadership, management and training resources on the institute's award-winning online learning portal My Leadership.
  • ü  Digital copies of EDGE journal.
  • ü  Weekly updates, seminars and scientific publications issued by the Institute.


If you are interested in obtaining our unique training programs accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management. do not respond to contact us via email:  info@orphanscarefederation.org

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